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Jacksepticeye Game 2 Jacksepticeye Game 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

seems pretty great, but definitely needs some work. the controls arent very responsive sometimes and i find sean just sort of stopping here and there at crucial moments, making evasion pretty much futile. i didnt have a problem getting through the game until it came to the eye, where the difficulty moving was too much of a setback to have much of a chance in the fight.
there are quite a few places where its very difficult to target objects like the torches or braziers, and i had to spend a little too long positioning myself so that i could perform simple tasks. nothing game breaking here, but it seems like you could make the hitboxes or w/e a little bigger for some things
pretty cool game. i hope to see more

Rixium responds:

You're right. Much of the programming was very bad, and my laziness just kept stacking until the end it was a mess. Haha.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

i like the concept and its simple and kinda fun to play, but i feel as though my decisions make no difference in what happens. is that supposed to be commentary or is it just glitchy? i cant tell
id say like 90% of the time i get the opposite result from what my decision would precipitate in a real situation


Rated 4 / 5 stars

i remember playing this! its lagging a lot right now which makes some of the gameplay a little difficult - the character just kind of stops in its tracks every few seconds so i have to press movement keys over and over instead of holding them down. im not sure if this is on my end or an issue with the game, but i am fully willing to suck it up because this is a nice project
(i am using win 8.1 and chrome which tends to have issues with flash despite its claims)
i totally cant beat the jungle boss. im supposed to deflect the fireballs into the torches right? that jerk is too fast and he keeps bullying me. im pretty sure i never beat him the last time i played this, but ill probably keep trying
thanks for the cool/intradasting game!

Emptygoddess responds:

Yeah, also this thing was programmed in AS2, so it's a real dinosaur. Being made a decade ago will do that to you.

Renaine (Demo) Renaine (Demo)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

idk if im missing something, but it seems like the keyboard controls listed arent accurate (z, a, x vs. z,x,c)
i cant get the game to start, but the reviews seem positive so i dont want to give u a bad rating exactly
maybe consider just letting us press any key to start the game? its cool u let us assign controls how we want but it seems like the default scheme is a little obfuscating.
anyways, ill probably come back to this in 7 hours and realize i was being dumb, but i still feel that my experience is as relevant as any other if we keep in mind that the idea is to make the game as accessible/marketable/pleasant as possible, sooooooo
ill give it a 4 and then ill probably message you too many times later

squidly responds:

Hey! Feel free to change the control mappings in the controls section to suit your needs, I know these are kinda weird for people using QWERTZ keyboards.

Kitten Adventure Kitten Adventure

Rated 4 / 5 stars

the game didnt start until i clicked the clockwork monster logo which was a link. thats a bit insistent :/
seems like a decent game though and its cool that ur being responsive and updating it

ClockworkMonster responds:

Mmm... Logo stays for 5 seconds, then Menu appears.

Maybe something went wrong during download, I´ll check the code.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

this lags so badly i can barely play it. music an graphics seem nice though

Chat Foncé : Petite Adventure Chat Foncé : Petite Adventure

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

i keep refreshing this but all i get is a black screen with the music playing. using chrome and win8. i hope i can check this out sometime because the reviews seem great.

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Hobbling Hero Hobbling Hero

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Fragile Fragile

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

the end was a little frustrating, and i understand you wanted to make a point but the gameplay was linear and i didnt really like having to redo it to get past the hole. anyways, the game is great aside from that

The Warrior in the Garden The Warrior in the Garden

Rated 4 / 5 stars

you should have some kind of explanation for why we leave or turn back, like some floating text that says "someones here" and then "i shouldnt go any further" or something. when i got to the far right end i thought the game had just ended abruptly, and it would help to guide the player a little more.

this looks and sounds great. the combat was glitchy and i wish there was a little more depth, but i think if you made this the first level of a longer, more complex game, you could have an impressive title