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seems kinda funny but i die every time i walk up to the first ladder.
if thats intentional, i feel like you could have made it more clear or like had us die to some sort of hazard instead of just falling through the floor

i liked it until the boss battle. i had equipped the mirror thinking that "reflect damage" meant that it wouldnt hurt me, and wasnt able to switch back to the shield. with no save function whatsoever i was disappointed that the game expected me to start from the very beginning but i might do it again a bit later. you should try to make it more clear what the items do, because i would have had no issue beating the boss if i had known the mirror didnt protect me from damage (40+ atk damage, had not even come close to losing a battle before that)

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fun game, i enjoyed it quite a bit. my only gripe is that there didnt seem to be any difficulty curve. other people mentioned disasters or attacks as a way to make the game more complex, but another thing i noticed is that there really was no reason for the nightclub or the modern/rustic homes, because people were always happy so long as they had food and housing. i also wish we were able to destroy buildings from the beginning of the game, because i placed my first stone mine too far from the stone itself without thinking and was unable to move it. maybe let us destroy them for partial or half resources instead of only giving us the option once we have lots of stuff built? some ambient music would be great too

this is a good start for sure, and i'd like to see some more features or dynamics in the future

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amazing. i love that you've taken something like the silhouette of a tree which would easily be mistaken as a figure, and then torn away our feeling of security that it's just a tree by introducing such a perfectly tree shaped monster.

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