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Royal Offense 2 Royal Offense 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

i had fun for the first 2 missions and then it just seems like the enemy has 10x as many units as me no matter how many times i replay the level. id definitely come back if u make it a little more playable.
good music, but the spells shouldnt cost money. give us mana. using a lightning bolt means i lose immediately unless i already have a huge gold advantage, and i never do because im facing at least 5 orcs by the time i build 2 tax collectors
youve started a good game, but im not sure how you thought it was playable if this difficulty is "easy". we havent even learned all the features of the game and the levels which teach us new things are nearly unbeatable. i think it has potential and youve clearly put in a lot of work so ill give it a 3.5, but its not beatable in this state and nobody is gonna keep playing until you make it easier

FeeSoeeD | Beta FeeSoeeD | Beta

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

this seems nice but i cant even clear the tutorial. the first time i fell off the ledge before i was able to read the instructions, and the portal wont spawn on the little ledge there, only on the other side. the sound and graphics are great, and my first impression was great because of that, but it shouldnt be so hard just to get through the intro.
i didnt keep trying after ~10 attempts to make the portal (half the time it shot the blue one first and it doesnt seem that the blue one even sticks anywhere), but i hope to see a more finished version soon.
couple of suggestions:
try adding instant respawn checkpoints maybe? that would make it less tedious
consider using arrow keys to move and wasd to control the portals, or vice versa. g is kind of an uncomfortable key

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

it could use a few more bells and whistles but i like that you focused on building good puzzles instead of making it pretty looking but hollow like most new games seem to be doing. good job

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Deterministic Dungeon Deterministic Dungeon

Rated 3 / 5 stars

for a game where we're mostly just clicking a button (although its a cool concept and i like it so far), i feel like there should be less waiting. especially when placing the stages i really wish i didnt have to sit there clicking then waiting a second then clicking again when i could have generated the map in 9 quick clicks instead. ofc we should have the opportunity to wait and try to time it perfectly, but we'd still have that without the little interludes between each selection, and it really doesnt seem to make a huge difference where everything is placed anyways when every space is still gonna end up being adjacent to any other space.

scrolls only allow 1 effect at a time. while in some games this might have a balancing effect, we still need to be notified about the fact ahead of time. i used a poison then a freeze which i had been saving specifically for a boss battle, and found that the poison only did a total of .6 damage?? i feel like this is quite imbalanced and the fact that we already dont know how much damage or what effects each scroll might yield in the first place makes it seem pretty unfair. it's not that the game is even very difficult as far as ive seen, but i hate playing titles where so much of the strategy seems based on how much we've played already instead of allowing us to think of a build or make a plan for our character from the get go (especially when the whole game is about "giving us the power")

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PestoForce responds:

There's a skip button on the map creation.

And yeah, there's a fine balance between allowing stuff to be discovered and overwhelming the player with information.

Thanks for the review!

Authentic Octopus Game (Demo) Authentic Octopus Game (Demo)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

this is pretty good. i like the music for sure. looking forward to seeing more

Terracell Terracell

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

took me 3 tries to even survive 1 second because there was a lion literally already touching me when i spawned, but idk... it seems interesting. i think the gameplay needs to be a little more fluid and maybe begin with less enemies

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Peps1992 responds:

Yeah, I am aware of that problem and I will try to fix it on my next and final update. From reading the comments, I've decided that whenever I do make a sequel it'll be an isometric game and will allow the player to aim with the mouse instead. As for now, I'm about to start working on a new adventure game :).
Thanks for reporting how much that problem reoccurs.

Zombidle Zombidle

Rated 4 / 5 stars

satan told me to keep clicking

Pocket RPG Pocket RPG

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

im sry but this is crap... full of ads, no real gameplay, no sound, no nothing, menus make no sense from the get go... this is just a shitty excuse to spam us with ads and paypal requests. this site is supposed to be a creator space and people like you ruin it with your greedy bullshit. gtfo u get the lowest possible rating

Boo Radley Boo Radley

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

the platforming itself is ok, but the music is tacky and all im seeing is one stage that doesnt end when i collect the token. the token itself is just a blue square and really could use some better art. game needs english instructions... idk... this is a good start to a game??? but there is no content whatsoever other than this 1 uninteresting stage with no enemies and only a few obstacles

Cope Cope

Rated 4 / 5 stars

it was pretty difficult at times to tell whether i wasnt able to click on an object/area, or whether the game was simply being unresponsive. you should have some little pop up arrows or highlight the edges of the screen when we scroll over them so this is more clear.

the static noise at the end was a little too loud. the girl's vocals were pretty quiet, so i'd turned up the volume to compensate, and it was earsplitting lol

i'd like to see some more parts where we have to use or combine certain items in less explicitly instructed scenarios, and i wish we had a little more space to explore even if the outcome would still be the same each time. maybe you could make a sequel with a little more complexity to it.

writing and animation were pretty great. no complaints there. good work

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KLawter responds:

I appreciate the input! Good idea with highlighting interactive pieces, I'll definitely keep that in mind. And yah, going to put a larger focus on gameplay and intractability for the sequel, for sure.