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Fragile Fragile

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

the end was a little frustrating, and i understand you wanted to make a point but the gameplay was linear and i didnt really like having to redo it to get past the hole. anyways, the game is great aside from that

The Warrior in the Garden The Warrior in the Garden

Rated 4 / 5 stars

you should have some kind of explanation for why we leave or turn back, like some floating text that says "someones here" and then "i shouldnt go any further" or something. when i got to the far right end i thought the game had just ended abruptly, and it would help to guide the player a little more.

this looks and sounds great. the combat was glitchy and i wish there was a little more depth, but i think if you made this the first level of a longer, more complex game, you could have an impressive title

Running out of Power Inc. Running out of Power Inc.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i liked the ambient sound and the writing was great until the ending. also i turned the power off but the lightbulb outside was still on.
otherwise this was a pretty cool game good job friend

Rowan Reed Rowan Reed

Rated 3 / 5 stars

im also stuck at 88%

VideaVice responds:

I'm sorry to hear about the issues some of you experienced with the game. If you still want to play it here's the link to Rowan Reed on

Thanks for the feedback.

Rubber Dinghy Rubber Dinghy

Rated 4 / 5 stars

the only issue i had was that i wasnt able to give the bones to the skeleton one at a time, so i went around looking for other options for like 3 minutes.
could have been way worse given that the third option was "have a pair of bones", but i feel like the dude should accept one at a time too
anyways p good job. make another one but like 5x as long and u could get this last star that i am currently withholding

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Doctor Clad 2020 Doctor Clad 2020

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

you at least need instructions. i got the "entering the year 2020" into the center of the spiral thing... but now i cant even see the character. the idea of controlling both your character and then a separate entity with the mouse is good, but this is really poor execution. i kind of liked the green + black background but this game is too obfuscating and u need to step up ur rap game my friends. beats were alright tho

at the very least add a restart button instead of making us listen to ur song while we try to figure out what is going on

good luck on developing your lyrics

VALOR: The Lord and Savior VALOR: The Lord and Savior

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

even the most basic controls in this are difficult to use. at first glance it seemed like it was kind of like an old arcade fighter, but its really not so much. the movement is just absurdly jerky and it doesnt make much sense that i cant just walk. if you want to make the movement all dash based, you cant leave us with such a small screen.
you should never have the player use arrows, mouse, AND spacebar. we have to be able to hit any button without moving our hands back and forth. i feel like there are plenty of keys near the ones used that make mouse controls obsolete. at the very least you need to add more optional controls, say WASD and mouse OR spacebar and arrow keys, etc
i dont even understand how the map works. how can it be 2x2 areas when the
im not saying this game is that bad but there are so many technical issues in just the first few areas
that give me a headache
maybe ill come back later

Newshield responds:

So basically either I'm losing my mind are people here just refuse to read. This is why I stated before hand that this game was made because I wanted to make it. I didn't do it to impress anyone. I know that you like many others refused to read the game or, refused to play and just try jumping into it and rushing through it.

I know this is true because in your own words you claimed: "at the very least you need to add more optional controls, say WASD and mouse OR spacebar and arrow keys, etc"

The game tutorial clearly tells you at the very First area of the game that you can use the WASD keys or Arrow Keys. You don't even have to use the Space Bar because that attack is optional. You strike enemies by tapping or holding down the S or Down Arrow Key.

Plus, just like its explained in the tutorial the whole Dashing run is there to allow you to evade attacks instead of jumping which would still leave you open to take a hit. The Dash (if did at the right time) allows you to dash through enemy attacks. There's even a Wiki that shows how the game is suppose to be played.

Cardian Cardian

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

im having a pretty great time with this. i find i seem to win with a smaller deck full of gold mines and that i dont seem to need many crystals or iron, but thats probably just because i havent seen that many cards yet

Free Traders Free Traders

Rated 3 / 5 stars

game wont start. i typed in my name and hit enter or w/e and now its justa map that says "Add new player" but theres nothing to interact with. the description sounds great to me but the game just wont start. i tried refreshing the page and now its just stuck on "loading player data". good luck getting this fixed because id really love a new mercantile game to play

Blinkous Blinkous

Rated 3 / 5 stars

the game started a little too abruptly and i didnt get to read the controls. then i realized that i was actually doing what i was supposed to do, but the movement is just really erratic to the point where i assumed i must have been doing something wrong
in general this seems cool but it didnt grab me. its really hard to control the player and i feel like im either moving way too fast or way too slow. ill probably give it another try later but didnt really enjoy my first time

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marcosfl responds:

I assume you pressed F to go fullscreen and the game started, right? I will put the F key as an exception for the "any key pressed" thingy. We should make the game wait some seconds before starting spawning enemies so the player can get ready for the action. I liked your point about the movement being too erratic, I never really thought about it, this is definitely a game too different from the usual but sometimes we should make things more similar.
Thank you for your valuable feedback. Getting used to the characters's control is part of the game's challenge, but it may be a little obnoxious to get used to the slow/fast movement. I hope you do try again, maybe you'll enjoy this time :)